What is a  beard routine? That's a fancy way of explaining how you get ready in the morning, for people who don't know.

To be honest, growing a beard is simple. Whether you like it or not, growing a fantastic beard requires some effort. However, with the appropriate products and a basic beard regimen, looking and feeling your best shouldn't take more than a few minutes each day.And because it's our goal to make achieving "baller beard status" as simple as possible, we put together this outrageously great step-by-step tutorial just for you!

To have the best beard you need to have the best beard routine:


Avoid bar soaps and shower gels while cleaning your beard! They'll irritate your skin and dry out your beard, causing more damage than good. Dry skin and a dry beard is bad news!

We suggest Deep Cleansing Beard Wash with Keratin extracts from THE BEARD STORY that is gentle enough for your face yet tough enough for your beard!

Frequency: This is very dependent on your daily circumstances. You should wash every day if you work outside in the weather. If not, every other day will probably do; use your best judgement here. A stinky beard is not liked by the ladies!

2. Dry
After you've finished washing your beard, pat it dry and intend to eliminate around 80% of the water. Beard dandruff is caused by a wet beard, which causes itching and dry skin.

3. Beard Oil
Beard oil is the cornerstone of a staggeringly good (and healthy) beard, and we believe you should use it regularly to keep your skin and beard in good shape.

A great oil reduces beard itch, dry skin, beard dandruff, and split ends! It's usual to get beard irritation, dandruff, and split ends as your beard develops. This may be avoided by using a high-quality BEARD OIL from THE BEARD STORY.

Every morning, moisturizing your beard is the same as moisturizing your face and body. You don't leave the house without washing your face and putting on some cream. The same procedure applies to your beard and the skin beneath it. It would dry out and deteriorate otherwise.

We suggest THE BEARD STORY’s BEARD SOFTENER CREAM for the best results.

It's time to comb out your beard and style it to perfection after applying the oil and cream. A decent beard comb is essential, and we recommend a wide-toothed wood comb to reduce static and snagging.

That concludes our guide on beard care for beginners. You now have everything you need to develop a healthy, thick beard that stands out. There's just one thing left to do now: gather your basics and begin putting your regimen together. This won't happen overnight, so be patient while your beard grows. Allow many months before making any adjustments.