The Beard Story’s Top Products That Your Grooming Cabinet Must Have

The Beard Story’s Top Products That Your Grooming Cabinet Must Have

The past decade has been a witness to a ceaseless rise in the men’s grooming industry. With tons of brands competing for offering the best, we have seen an unbelievable improvement in the quality of the products.

Today, the market is swamped with excellent grooming products for men.  Some of the brands are really challenging the standards with their expertly formulated products. One such brand is The Beard Story.

The Beard Story has been pushing the boundaries of men’s grooming since the last decade. Today, their catalog houses some of the best grooming products for men. From men’s face care to beard products, they have surpassed all expectations with their well-crafted products.

Let us take a look at some of their best sellers:

  1. The Beard Story Beard Oil

The Beard Story Beard Oil is thoroughly nourishing and rich with nutrients. It is well formulated with some of the most essential nutrients. Made with argan oil, almond, macadamia, olive and jojoba oil and vitamin E, this oil is perhaps the most nutritious and enriching beard oil you can get in the market.

It is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it boost your beard hair growth but it also soothes your skin and nourishes your beard hair.

It’s a must keep if you are a true beard aficionado.

  1. The Beard Story Ultimate Men Expert Face Wash

There are tons of face washes in the market and all of them claim to be the best. What sets Ultimate Men Expert Face Wash apart from the rest is its brilliant formulation. It comes with a one-of-a-kind combination of activated charcoal and witch hazel. This makes the face wash highly efficient in removing the dirt, oil and sebum that is clogged in your skin pores.

Its daily use will help you fight the pollution and its harmful effects on your skin effectively. You can confidently face the urban hustling life and still maintain fresh and clean skin.

You must definitely have this one in your grooming kit.

  1. The Beard Story Keratin Repair Formula Daily Strengthening & Moisturizing Shampoo

There’s a scarcity of good quality shampoos for men. On the basis of intense research and study, The Beard Story brings forth this Keratin Shampoo. It has all the essential nutrients that can help replenish the keratin levels and help fight dryness, damage and dehydration of hair.

Its expert formulation helps enhance the lustre and shine by repairing the damaged cuticles. If you are looking for a highly reliable shampoo that gives you great results, then you have stumbled upon a goldmine.

  1. The Beard Story Men’s 2-in-1 Energy Blast, Hair & Body Wash

This body wash has a blasting moisturizing lather that will leave your skin hydrated and completely refreshed. Its clever formulation makes it best to use for both your body as well as your hair.

This complete body wash will leave you with a strong feeling of rejuvenation. It will give you deep cleaning and remove all the dirt, pollutants and impurities that are clogged deeply in your skin.

Grace your grooming kit with this one.

The above-mentioned products are readily available in our store. Covering the complete scope of men’s grooming, The Beard Story houses a huge collection of products. Right from skin care to beard and hair care, their extensive catalog has all that you need to equip your grooming kit with.

At times like these when it’s not really safe to go out and shop, try ordering online for a change. Our delivery team ensures thorough safety and follows all protocols to deliver the products at your doorsteps safely.