6 Ways to Tackle Patchy Beard Growth

6 Ways to Tackle Patchy Beard Growth

Most men desire a luscious beard. However, all beards are not created equal. For those inspired by the looks of famous Hollywood celebrities like Drake or Keanu Reeves, it could be startling to see uneven beard patches when you look in the mirror. Sometimes, your beard does not grow due to various reasons like genetic factors, low levels of beard hormones, inconsistent care, poor blood circulation, etc.

But fret not; it is a common problem among men. Luckily, it can be remedied by introducing the right beard care products for men and some care tips into your routine. With a slight change in your beard care routine, you will have an abundant, bushy beard. Let’s not forget that consistency is the key. Over some time, you will see noticeable changes and achieve the desired result.

From valuable tips and tricks to useful beard care products for growing a dense and even beard, this guide aims to aid you with solutions to fix patchiness.

1. Allow It To Grow

Whenever you get an impulsive urge to trim your beard, take a step away from the razor. Allow your beard to grow consistently for over a month. Yes, in the initial few weeks, it may look awkward, but this is the perfect time to gauge the direction your beard is growing in. Let your beard graduate from shorter centimeters to a longer fisherman-level length. It will help you understand the way forward.

2. Try Microneedling

You can consider using a derma roller to give your facial hair area micro-punctures. It stimulates the inactive hair follicles and activates their growth. It will also promote more oxygen and blood flow into that area, activating the hormones and boosting collagen production. Check the product manual to understand the proper steps and needle length to be used. You can use it once a week.

3. Switch To A Healthier Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a factor that actively contributes to your beard growth. Incorporate foods that promote hair growth, such as chickpeas, nuts, olive oil, etc. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is incomplete without exercise. Exercising promotes fresh blood flow to all the parts of your body and highly contributes to hair growth. It reduces chronic stress and improves sleep quality. And when you get sound sleep, your body rebuilds and recharges to its full potential.

4. Choose The Right Beard Style

While you are growing your lengths, the right styling technique can make your existing beard look attractive. According to the shape of your face and beard density, you can choose a style that most compliments your look. To make your style last longer, you can try using The Beard Story Beard & Moustache Styling Wax, Strong Hold with Shine.

5. Trim It Evenly

Proper and even trimming can make even a patchy beard look fuller and sculpted. To achieve this, try experimenting with styles at home. If you are unsure, consider heading out to a trusted professional barber in town. After the trim, treat your skin to some TLC. You can try The Beard Story after Shave Pore Minimizing Gel.

6. Manage Uneven Growth With Trusted Products

A care routine fueled with good quality, and trusted products will expedite your beard growth process. Introduce a beard growth oil into your routine to nourish your beard and, at the same time, style it effortlessly. Check out the best beard growth oil from The Beard Story. This oil is blended with a popular variety of oils such as Argan, Almond, Macadamia, Olive, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E. It makes your beard hair into a smooth work of art.


Check it out here (https://www.theskinstory.in/beardstory/beard-care) a full range of Beard Story’s beard care products. You can also try beard softener cream when your beard starts feeling rough and prickly. And there you have it! An attractive full-length beard is just a few steps away. Try these proven tips and tricks to achieve the look that’s been on your vision book for a long time!

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